10 Game Over Screens That Pissed You Off The Most

You died. Didn't you know?

Resident Evil You Are Dead

Nobody enjoys dying in video games and reaching that dread-inducing Game Over screen, because in the very least it generally means resuming play from your most recent checkpoint, or in the case of older games, maybe even starting the entire game from scratch.

And though some games are well-humoured enough to deliver entertaining fail states that don't leave players tearing their hair out - think Mortal Kombat's fatalities or Grand Theft Auto's "wasted" screen - many sadly go the entirely opposite direction.

These 10 games, whether bonafide masterworks, cult classics or minor titles you've probably never heard of, all had the gall to leave players fuming, either by actively insulting them for failing or serving up a Game Over screen that, in its repetition, became unbearably obnoxious.

That some of these games weren't even playing fair - and therefore had no right to mock players for dying - is just the icing on an incredibly bitter cake.

Needless to say, these blood pressure-raising Game Over screens led many to rage quit, or in the very least put the controller down for a bit and take a walk around the block...


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