10 Game Over Screens That Pissed You Off The Most

9. Friday The 13TH (NES)

Friday The 13th

The more recent Friday the 13th game may be pretty rough around the edges, but it's positively a masterpiece compared to the 1989 NES effort, a so-bad-it's-good cult classic of retro game fandom.

The core gameplay is itself extremely frustrating, given the absurdly cheap nature of Jason Voorhees' attacks and the little information the game actually provides you to help take him on. That's not to forget its insanity-inducingly repetitive soundtrack, of course.

But the real kicker comes when you inevitably succumb to Jason and are greeted by the obnoxiously blunt Game Over screen, flatly informing with no enthusiasm or fanfare whatsoever that, yes, "you and your friends are dead."

Even accepting the patent lack of effort put into it, this was a pretty offputting Game Over screen for a Nintendo game - given their tendency not to use words like "dead" - and extending the courtesy to your pals in a way that felt deeply personal was all kinds of wrong.

Clearly, this is what happens when you let the office intern design the Game Over screen the day before the game goes to print.


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