10 Games That Would Make Xbox Game Pass Must-Have

Taking the service from good to essential.


Xbox came out of left field last year when it announced a new subscription-based game service that evoked comparisons to Netflix. Game Pass, as it is known, gives you unlimited access to over 100 games, including Xbox exclusives and third party titles. Best of all, all Xbox exclusives are on the service the same day they launch, meaning you'll be able to play Gear 5 for the subscription fee of £7.99.

Enticing as that may sound, there isn't exactly a wide list of exciting Xbox One exclusives, either already released or upcoming. Therefore, to make Game Pass a must-have service, Microsoft need to acquire more third-party games.

The service received a big boost at E3 2018 when Bethesda announced Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls: Online were suddenly on the service, then Ubisoft further bolstered the service by announcing The Division was also available! These are exactly the type of huge AAA titles that go a long way to making Game Pass an essential service for hardcore gamers.


However it still has a ways to go and a few more genres that need filling. There are a handful of amazing games out there that are reasonable choices to join the service, and they would truly take it to the next level.

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