10 Games We All Used To Play In IT Class

9. Elasto Mania

Elasto Mania
Balázs Rózsa

If the corporate IT networks that we’re now subservient to are anything to go by, it’s probably nigh-on impossible to actually install a program onto a school computer without administrative privileges these days. Such security would’ve prevented Elasto Mania (as well as other program-based games and emulators) from ever establishing itself, but the then-lax standards meant that anybody could download and install it, thinking of a clever work-sounding name to give the executable file in case any teachers ever came sniffing.

Putting players into the leathers of a motorcyclist in possession of the world’s bendiest and most flexible bike, Elasto Mania offered a series of levels to complete, each with the same objective of going from start to finish (sometimes with the collection of items along the way). This had to be accomplished without killing the rider, a tough ask given the likes of spinning wheels and other objects that could easily decapitate him or subject him to blunt force head trauma.

Speed was the name of the game, though there was always one person who could enviously navigate their way to the flower whilst also performing a dazzling array of spins and flips.

Still playable today via the more modern medium of Steam, Elasto Mania has been given a sequel in recent years, giving the classic formula a new lick of paint should anyone wish to indulge in nostalgia.

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Elasto Mania
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