10 Gaming Franchises That Desperately Need A Reboot

9. House Of The Dead

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House of the Dead was never really a household name in the gaming community. It mostly became known as that 'edgy horror shooter' you walked by in the arcade, and desperately wanted to try.

Even when the games were ported to home consoles, it didn't reach the popularity that Sega was hoping for. The Uwe Boll film surely didn't help with the game's reputation, either.

This all changed when a prequel game was released back in 2009, titled The House of the Dead: Overkill.

This acted as a somewhat soft reboot for the franchise as the tone was shifted from overly dramatic to parody old grindhouse movies. It offered everything fans loved about the franchise - like grotesque boss fights and engaging on-rails arcade-style shooting - while adding a twist of dark comedy. It was well-received by both critics and players, but the game set up a sequel that never came to be.

Sega tried to keep the game's momentum going by releasing an extended cut in the form of Typing of the Dead, but that also failed to build any anticipation. The franchise has been ice ever since. These games need to make a comeback, if not only for Overkill's soundtrack.

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