10 Gaming Franchises That Desperately Need A Reboot

In this age of remakes, reboots and adaptations, why make the best of it?

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Remakes, reboots and adaptations are just going to a big part of today’s entertainment for a while.

Whether it’s a lack of creativity or if nostalgia is just being very bankable these days, we’re going to just have to live with this reality for a while. So, might as well try and make the best out of the situation.

While film might be struggling for a bit in the originality department, gaming seems to have been thriving in the past few years. Doom, Resident Evil, and Deus Ex saw great success when it comes to mixing the best of the old generation with the technological advancements of newer hardware.

So, why not keep this trend going with other great lost gems?

Whether it's due to poor sales, technical issues or simply not reaching its full potential, we all had that beloved franchise as a kid that has been unfairly abandoned or forgotten. Constantly thinking to yourself, “Why don’t they make them like this anymore?!”

Well, this could a perfect time to give these titles the fresh start they deserve, opening up a whole swathe of ideas for future games.

10. Duke Nukem

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If there is one thing that can be said about Duke Nukem is that he tried... so hard, for 14 years.

Nobody can act like Duke Nukem Forever was a good game. It really wasn't. A buggy, tedious experience that tried way too hard to compete with other popular shooters at the time. But does that mean we should just give up on many peoples' favourite '80s action hero?

After id Software and Bethesda were able to completely revamp the Doom franchise, why can't Gearbox do the same for Duke Nukem?

Also, with the #MeToo movement changing our perspective on a lot of media and entertainment, it'd be great for the franchise to finally become self-aware of just how weirdly sexist it was.

It could open with a washed-up Duke, living in the slums, disgraced after years of crude behavior and toxic masculinity. When aliens once again threaten Earth, he's forced to jump into action again, try to survive and, maybe even find some redemption.

There's still some potential here to make an interesting reboot for a franchise that shouldn't be ignored.

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