10 Gaming Henchmen More Powerful Than Their Bosses

henchmen Video games need villains, almost more than they need heroes. And villains need henchmen. Far too long have the henchmen been cast aside in order for their bosses to reap all the benefits of celebrity -- but no more! I say it's long overdue for some of video game history's best henchmen to grab hold of the spotlight for once. I have thus decided to compile a list containing ten of the very best henchmen in gaming history. But what makes a good henchman? For most it's subservience but for others it's something more. It's a desire to one day be the boss on their own, one day. A patience to wait for the right moment and let their light shine. And for others it's nothing more than being the hardest motherf!@#$r in the game. I'll promise you two things. First, this list will be diverse. I've tried to gather henchmen that span as much of the gaming timeline as possible while still being relevant to the list. This list will challenge how you look at henchmen and what the very definition of €˜henchmen€™ is. Second, you will not agree with all the choices. That's okay, because that is exactly what they made the comments section for. Let's argue! It'll be fun, and then not so fun when certain people start getting proved wrong but then fun again when we all realize how angry we got over a game. Again. Just like the last time we all talked about or played a game. Everybody wins.

10. Goro - Mortal Kombat

goro God was this guy hard. You'd think that a dude with four arms would be the final boss in a fighting game but no, Goro was the second in command. This beast was exactly that, a beast. He was very difficult to block and near impervious to special moves. His boss, Shang Tsung, was birthday cake compared to Goro. The best move Shang Tsung had in his arsenal was turning into any of the previous contestants you beat on your way to him - including Goro. How much respect am I supposed to have for a guy who's best move is turning into his second in command? That was it. You essentially got stuck fighting Goro for a second time. So, let's get this straight - work your ass off and beat Goro to get to Shang Tsung who turns back into Goro? Maybe if Shang Tsung had been more sensible he'd still be alive. Push papers man, let your beast do the hard work.
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