10 Gaming Industry Issues That Must Die With This Generation

Lack of unionization, crunch time, and manipulative systems must not outlive this generation.


No industry is perfect, but some are more flawed than others. And the gaming industry is one of the most flawed of all, even compared to the likes of film.

Sure, there's plenty to love about the state of gaming right now, but the things that ARE wrong with it are so huge, they negate pretty much all of them.

Every day you hear a new horror story about workers being abused, customers being taken advantage of, and the gaming industry generally being a prime example of capitalism's worst instincts made real.

Rampant greed and a lack of accountability has given way to a million smaller problems that need to be solved before we can get to those larger, more nebulous ones.

So, we're focusing squarely on the issues with the gaming industry that we can feasibly fix between the rest of this generation and the next - some of which might already be on their way out.

I doubt it, but they might be.

All new industries stumble when they first really get going, but the gaming industry has done more in less time than most others.

This has created a ton of fascinating talking points all of us have some stake in, but how will things pan out moving forward?


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