10 Gaming Moments Everyone Wishes They Could Unsee

There's not enough brain bleach to forget Cloud's o-face in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud
Square Enix

Video games are generally such huge and expansive works of art that they're rarely boiled down to just a single moment - good or bad.

But every so often a video game serves up a scene so jaw-droppingly demented, disturbing, or outright offensive, that it damn-near wipes away all those fun times you had playing.

These 10 video games all featured moments throughout their play-time so unsettling, so cringe-worthy, so revolting, that fans en masse wished they'd never seen them, and could somehow have the memory wiped entirely from their minds.

Sadly we don't live in a reality where Men in Black's neuralyser actually exists, so players are left to forever curse the developers for inflicting such weird, grotesque, and straight-up troubling scenes upon us.

Sometimes a game just doesn't need to go there, and while most of these games are much-loved in their own right regardless, these moments most certainly mark that love with a big ol' asterisk.

Pass the brain bleach, because from nauseatingly brutal violence to embarrassingly awkward sex scenes and quite possibly the worst dance ever featured in any visual media, everyone wishes they could unsee these 10 gaming moments...

10. Sonic Gets Kissed By A Human Woman - Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud

As long as Sonic the Hedgehog exists and people are playing his video games, fans will never be able to forget the single most infamous and stomach-churning moment in the series' history: that damn kiss.

2006's Sonic the Hedgehog reboot was intended to be a clean slate for the beleaguered franchise, and while the game as a large was panned by critics, its grandest crime was having Sonic make out with a human woman. Ewww.

After being killed by Mephiles near the end of the game, Sonic is resurrected with the Chaos Emeralds' power courtesy of Princess Elise, but for no apparent reason during the ritual, Elise plants a full-on kiss on Sonic's lips.

Beyond the obvious fact that Sonic is unconscious and can't consent to the kiss, going for the lips adds another layer of romantic weirdness to it.

Had Elise simply given Sonic a platonic peck on the forehead or cheek few would've been bothered, but going full-on bestiality invited thoughts and questions nobody ever wanted from a Sonic game of all things.


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