10 Gaming Moments IMPOSSIBLE To View The Same Way After This

9. Foxes Lead You To Treasure Due To An Unintended AI Quirk (Skyrim)

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Bethesda Softworks

Skyrim is a pop-culture juggernaut of a game, one that's spawned countless myths, theories, and urban legends over the years.

Arguably the most bizarre of these myths revolves around the so-called "treasure foxes" that can be found around the map. It's said that, if these foxes are followed, they will lead players to secret areas, treasure - or both.

This myth gained traction because, well, it appeared to be true for some of the players who tried it! But as one of the game's developers recently revealed, the logic behind these thrifty foxes is almost as bizarre as their in-game behaviour.

While it is true that foxes can lead players to treasure, this was not an intentional design choice on Bethesda's part. Rather, it was an accidental quirk of the game's programming, one that causes foxes to head towards camps, ruins, and other points of interest - locations that, you guessed it, will often contain treasure.

So, the next time you follow a Skyrim fox to a pot of gold, just remember that this is all down to a random side effect that nobody at Bethesda anticipated.


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