10 Genius Video Game Easter Eggs You Need To See For Yourself

Ohhh it was just a PRANK that the game deleted itself?! HAR.HAR.HAR.

Animal Crossing Resetti

Developers love to sneak in a cheeky secret message or pop culture reference in their games. Unless said game is something like Borderlands, in which case it's likely to be stuffed with references and cringeworthy humour.

Back in the days of arcade shooters however, some designers weren’t even allowed to put their names on the credit section, so they created incredibly complex tasks in order for the player to see who actually worked on it.

Times have changed, naturally. While some have complex and specific methods in order to reach or activate Easter eggs, others tend to be hidden in a dark corner, or even just around the corner, in hopes that you won’t miss it on your first try.

Unusual secret levels, hidden messages, darkly humorous means of killing an enemy - expect these and much more, in this list of freaky Easter Eggs in gaming that you need to see to believe.

10. Killer Ice Cream Truck - Hitman Absolution

Animal Crossing Resetti
IO Interactive

Assassins must make some tough decisions, often within short spans of time. Should I kill this guy, or knock him out? Which disguise should I get, if any? Will a long-range attack suffice, or would an accident kill be preferable?

Other decisions are a piece of cake, like here, deciding on whether to kill the antagonist’s son, or just dump him off in the desert to let him dehydrate slowly.

Although, the desert in question has more than a few odd secrets.

See, if you put your sniping skills to the test and shoot every last buzzard flying around the sky - don’t miss a single shot, though; each bullet must send the feathered friggers tumbling into the sand - then wait a few moments as Lenny stumbles away out of fear.

Speeding down the road without a care in the world, an ice cream truck will rush into the scene and mow down the scrawny dweeb for no apparent reason.

The worst thing is, the driver will not stop to dodge 47 if he is on the road, or even offer him free frozen treats as recompense for manslaughter.

It just goes to show that deep down inside, ice cream truck drivers are cold, heartless monsters.


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