10 GENIUS Ways Players Beat Video Games

Insanely creative ways to destroy your favourite video games.

Super Mario 64

The fist-pumping, accomplished feeling of beating a video game speaks for itself, especially if it's pushed you to your limit with its brutally high level of difficulty. But as the Internet continues to make abundantly clear, many gamers are sheer gluttons for punishment and just can't get enough of it.

Not content to settle for a game's natural difficulty limitations, these 10 players all decided to impose eccentric, hilarious, and absolutely torturous restrictions upon themselves, offering up an entirely different breed of challenge in the process.

These players did things that were utterly unfathomable to the average player - deliberately using an unconventional and unwieldy controller, depriving at least one of their senses, or limiting the gameplay elements they were allowed to use.

But in each case they managed to beat the game regardless, proving that with enough training and creativity, even the most seemingly insurmountable task can be overcome.

Most of us naturally don't have the time or the inclination to put ourselves through such hell, but there's something weirdly admirable about those who commit themselves to slogging through games with such staggering - if unnecessary - ingenuity...

10. Playing Upside Down - Dark Souls

Super Mario 64
FromSoftware & YouTube: LobosJR

Because the Dark Souls games apparently aren't difficult enough, players have willingly subjected themselves to a multitude of ridiculous, self-imposed challenges over the years, such as playing them with Rock Band instruments, steering wheels, and even controllers made from bananas.

But each of those challenges pales somewhat compared to streamer "LobosJr," who decided to play through the entirety of the original Dark Souls upside down.

No, he didn't suspend himself from his ceiling but rather flipped the game image to create a massive added challenge, given the obvious disorientation and disruption of established muscle memory caused by the shift.

To his credit, LobosJr committed to the task and actually completed the game across a few livestream sessions, proving himself an indefatigable Dark Souls master in the process. Incredible.


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