10 Genius Ways Video Games Fixed Their Own Mistakes

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Quake Champions Rocket Jumping
id Software

With the utterly mind-boggling number of variables that go into creating even a terrible video game, it's little surprise that mistakes are made, and often these mistakes will only scarcely be papered-over in the final game, if at all.

But smart devs know how to pivot and take a potential limitation and turn it into a win, be it a technical constraint requiring a creative workaround, transforming an erroneous line of code into an actual feature, or even just embracing the jank because the fans love it so damn much.

These 10 games were all beset by major technical issues either during development or once the game was out in the wild, requiring the devs to think quickly and come up with seamless solutions.

The results speak for themselves, creating iconic moments nobody could've seen coming, enlivening the player-base and maybe even creating a classic game in the process.

As a testament to ingenious problem solving, these 10 fixes for nagging issues, combined with a little luck and good timing, contribute to these games being as memorable and beloved as they are...


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