10 Great Action Video Game Franchises (That Died Too Soon)

It’s time to wake some sleeping giants...

Gearbox Software

Spanning decades, we have come to love certain video game franchises, and we eagerly anticipate the next installment. We have bonded with beloved characters, and grown so used to a popular game’s mechanics that we immediately reconnect like an old friend. Independent, stand-alone games can be the hidden gems of each generation, but it’s the old, familiar action titles that we keep coming back to year after year.

Certain franchises refuse to die, and still continue to dominate the sales charts with frequent new additions – think Mario, Doom, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Call of Duty. These franchises are the staple of the video game world, the bread and butter, if you’d like. They show no signs of slowing down, or disappearing any time soon.

However, not all action game franchises can be so lucky. Some titles enjoy several years of success, with multiple praised entries and promising signs for the future. Other titles are predicted to be around for decades, but merely become one-hit wonders.


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