10 Great Songs You Associate With Great Games

9. "All I Want" By The Offspring

Developed by Hitmaker and published by Sony, Crazy Taxi first popped up in arcades in 1999. It did so well that Sega decided to bring it over to consoles, and a massive game franchise was born. The most recent entry was 2017's mobile release, Crazy Taxi: Idle Tycoon.

To fit the punk tone of 1999, the soundtrack was primarily The Offspring and Bad Religion. The Offspring's "All I Want" is the perfect song to listen to while blasting around the map in what's likely not a legal cab, leaping half the city in a single bound every few seconds.

Annoyingly, if you played this game on Game Boy Advance or PSP, you wouldn't have been able to enjoy this track as licensing issues prevented it and other songs from making the transitions in these ports.

Thankfully though, like with many massive franchises, the original is still the best.

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