10 Great Video Game Reboots (That Failed Anyway)

They can't all be like Doom.


Reboots are always a tricky thing. On one hand if they're done right they bring fresh ideas into a rather tired franchise, or allow some of the less-than-savory entries in a series to be entirely scrubbed clean. On the other hand if they're done wrong they can destroy characters, ruin fan-favourite storylines, and worst of all put the final nail in a franchise's coffin.

But what about the ones that just didn't deserve it? Sometimes a reboot simply gets a bad beat, comes out at the wrong time, or is only picked up by a small amount of loyal and loving fans.

Yet, according to the general consensus none of them are worth playing due to their metacritic score.

So for reasons undeserved the games on this list have been given a bad rap in the collective subconscious of gamers everywhere. While most of them may not have been particularly groundbreaking or even really all that original they still had the one single most important factor in the world of video games: they were all damn fun.

And if a game is fun then really, who cares how badly it failed?


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