10 Great Video Games With TERRIBLE Bosses

Bioshock's bosses ALL suck.

bioshock infinite

There are plenty of standout games that have become infamous, thanks to one or two shoddy boss fights. Not only were Borderlands and Shadow of Mordor's final showdown disappointing, it was all the more anticlimactic, since the other confrontations were solid. Of course, it's difficult to make every end-of-level enemy make a lasting impression, so there's bound to be a few bosses who aren't that great.

However, it's a bit bizarre when every boss is terrible in an otherwise terrific title. Due to the seamless gameplay, detailed world, and rich story, it's perplexing when every encounter with a major adversary is boring, uncreative, or badly programmed.

In situations like this, it's hard to understand how developers dropped the ball when they were on point in every other aspect. If a game has fluid combat and impressive enemy AI, awesome throw-downs should be guaranteed. But when it came to facing off against screen-filling baddies or the central antagonist, the creators were fresh out of ideas.

The entries on this list may have stood the test of time, but the boss fights leave much to be desired.

10. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

bioshock infinite
Square Enix / Tose

The staggering success of Final Fantasy VII led to a slew of spin-offs, including the prequel, Crisis Core. Initially released on the PSP, this instalment focuses on SOLDIER member, Zack Fair, while he was allied with the treacherous Sephiroth.

Even though Crisis Core could've been pure fan-service (and it is), it has a lot to offer. It has an accessible battle system, magnificent graphics, and expands on the lore and backstories of key characters. On top of that, Crisis Core is surprisingly emotional. Despite the fact Zack is doomed from the start, nobody was ready to watch such a heart-wrenching death.

But Crisis Core has its problems.

Although the bosses are well-designed and have inventive tactics, they're too easy. If Zack regularly performs the sub-missions, he'll level up very quickly, allowing him to wipe the floor with the most powerful monsters. By the time Zack has maxed out his most devastating spells, the spiky-haired commando can win the last few scraps in a minute flat.

Though these extra missions aren't mandatory, they're worthwhile since it's the only way to access the most coveted spells. Zack will grow strong enough to dominate almost any battle, even if he only completes half the side-quests.


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