10 Greatest Video Game Cult Heroes Of All Time

Who needs commercial success when you have a cult following?

There are some video game heroes who are just born with the X-Factor. The Marios, Sonics and - more recently - Geralts and redesigned Lara Crofts that have those special qualities to keep fans coming back again and again, splashing out as much money as necessary just to breathe the same air as their heroes. Think of these characters as the Brangelinas, George Clooneys and Ryan Goslings of the gaming world. Then there is that other type of video-game hero. The one who isn't met with the fan frenzy and rapture as soon as they make their first public appearace is content to quietly do his/her thing for years without ever seeking out the spotlight. It's not that they never 'make it', but that they just don't crave the same level of attention. They're like the Joe Pescis, Micheal Caines and Philip Seymour-Hoffmans - doing their job and biding their time until the world slowly grows to appreciate their greatness. As the years go by, many unsung video-game heroes quietly build up followings of feverishly loyal fans. Whether it's because of passionate YouTubers creating Let's Play videos of previously forgotten games, or because certain characters can be turned into movie or cosplay outfits, there are plenty of paths for a video-game character to attain cult status. Here are those heroes who never became big cash cows for whoever created them, but have grown to be loved by their fans and the gaming community nonetheless.
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