10 Greatest Final Boss Fights In Video Game History

Saving the best for last.

greatest final video game boss fights

You€™ve done it. After hours of struggle and torment, you€™ve reached the final boss. As you enter the room that will soon become a coliseum, you prepare yourself for an incredible final conflict that will never be forgotten.

Well ideally, anyway. Final boss fights may be an integral part of many of our favourite video games, but the sad truth is that many of them fail to get them right. While some final bosses may simply suffer from failing to equal the greatness of those that came before, others are just spectacular duds that leave you shaking your head in wonder over how anyone thought this would be a proper way to end the game.

A final boss fight should be epic. It should be memorable. It should be a battle that€™s different than any which came before, one that leaves you in a state of awe when the final blow is struck, and fills you with total satisfaction that you just trounced such an epic foe.

These ultimate showdowns should be, well, like these 10 incredible encounters, all of which forever raised our expectations of what a final boss is capable of...

10. Mother Brain (Super Metroid)

Super Metroid - Mother Brain

In its opening moments, Super Metroid's Mother Brain fight doesn't seem like it is going to be anything special. As a simple rehash of the final boss fight of the original Metroid game, your encounter with Mother Brain's first form finds you dully dodging projectiles and launching missiles at the encased brain that is responsible for your misery until this point.

However, soon you enter the second stage of this fight and discover why it is worthy of the legendary status that it currently enjoys. Once the Mother Brain's first form has fallen, she transforms into an indescribable sci-fi abomination that's terror stuns you in place while projectiles rain from above. This spectacular creature appears to be nigh invincible.

Just when it seems that all hope is lost, the metroid you rescued earlier in the game returns to suck the Mother Brain's energy and buy you enough time to finish the fight. This shocking twist caps off an already incredible battle to create something truly special.


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