10 Greatest Hidden Video Game Weapons

"What is uncommon, is for a weapon to be a stuffed unicorn that farts rainbows".

With as much time as it takes to make the average video game, it's amazing that developers are still able to implement items into them that most players are not meant to find. Everything from credits to pop culture cameos have been hidden inside your favourite titles as easter eggs and references, but some of the most fascinating are always wieldable weapons. It's not only more exciting when the thing you aren't supposed to have found can be used on your enemies, but the general rule is that the deeper a weapon is hidden, the better it must be. Sometimes it even feels like a shame that the greatest and most creative of game weapons are kept so far out of reach from most average players. Then again, a big part of the appeal to these weapons is that they aren't meant for everyone. Most require significant amounts of creativity, skill, effort and time to find, but once you know they exist, it makes a whole host of incredible titles even better...

10. Experimental M.I.R.V (Fallout 3)

If you play Fallout 3 without really going out of your way to find everything, you'll likely stumble across an audio log or two called the Keller Family Transcripts. There are actually five of them throughout the game and they are as well hidden as they are seemingly pointless. However, their true purpose is to guide you to the most powerful weapon in the game. If you decipher the messages in the logs, it will lead you to the game's National Guard Armory. There you must navigate a hidden labyrinth within and at the end of its path you'll find a room containing the Experimental M.I.R.V. Clearly a weapon never intended to be unleashed upon the wasteland, the M.I.R.V is capable firing eight mini-nukes at once. Considering that one nuke is capable of devastating amounts of damage, this is sheer overkill at its finest. Not only is it incredibly difficult to find the Experimental M.I.R.V, but the ammunition it takes to fire the damn thing isn't exactly easy to come by either. That being said, the feeling of using it for the first time makes all that worthwhile.
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