10 Greatest Pokemon Anime Episodes Ever

With over 1000 episodes and counting, which are truly the best, like no one ever was?

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At the height of its 90's hysteria, Pokemon was many things; people's gateway drug to anime, the high point of many a child's Saturday morning, and an unmatched entity of marketing. Somehow, the show is still doing all of those things in the 2020's, churning out new adventures on a weekly basis. There are very few animated characters with the staying power of Ash & Pikachu, but both they and the show have evolved and adapted to keep going for over twenty years.

These days, the journeys are decidedly different from the one's that the whole world seemed to be caught up in and you don't make 1000 episodes of anything without several misfires and a healthy dollop of filler (for reference, see the entire Black & White run). But for the dedicated and long running viewers out there, there are some true gems of television to be enjoyed.

From one of a kind adventures to Ash's greatest victories, the Pokemon anime is packed with amazing episodes that capture the shows charm and appeal perfectly, and others that just tell brilliant stories that transcend the medium they are conveyed through. Full of laughter, heart and triumph, these are the best Pokemon episodes ever put to screen.

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