10 Greatest Spin-Offs In Video Games

Movies have Logan and Rogue One. TV has Better Call Saul and Frasier. Video games have these.


If there's one thing the gaming industry agrees on, it's that you can never have too much of a good thing.

Since the early '90s, video game companies around the world have used spin-offs as a way to plug the gaps between releases in their tentpole franchises. While it's true that many of these games have missed the mark in spectacular fashion, there have also been plenty of examples of publishers finding success when following this simple formula:

Established Setting + New Genre = Profit!

This list hopes to showcase ten of the best videogame spin-offs to have ever been made. We'll see Nintendo taking Mario out of the Mushroom Kingdom and onto the race track, Square-Enix making use of the greatest soundtrack collection in gaming history, Capcom finding new ways to shoot zombies in the face and many more. (Seven more, to be exact. Unless public education has failed me, I'm pretty sure 10-3 = 7.)

But enough of the advanced mathematics. In the word of everyone's favourite plumber/ racer/ doctor/ golfer/ tennis player/ soccer player/ baseball player/ dancer/ painter/ typist / hotel owner, "Let's a-go!"

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