10 Greatest Super Mario Spin-Offs Of All Time

A plumber of many skills.


It’s been nearly 40 years since we were first introduced to Mario, saving Pauline from being kidnapped by Donkey Kong, making his way through an endless sea of barrels.

Originally known as Jumpman, Nintendo realised they were onto a hit, giving our soon-to-be-established Italian plumber his own identity in 1983’s Mario Bros. Coming to home consoles in 1985 with Super Mario Bros, he quickly became a gaming sensation and since then, we’ve seen more Mario games than anyone could’ve anticipated.

Starring in over 200 different titles, he’s gained quite the reputation for his busy social life, ranging from tennis professional to go-kart racer, even inviting Bowser along for the ride. It’s brought us a wide universe of colourful characters, many of which have since developed their own successful franchises.

You can’t escape the spinoffs and players looking to explore the wider Super Mario universe may quickly get lost on where to begin. So for players seeking a new adventure beyond platforming, here are some of Mario’s best spinoffs going.

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