10 Greatest Video Game Cheats Of All Time


There's nothing like an awesome cheat code, the ephemeral, intangible oddity that, as kids, we all sought out in special cheat code books, on teletext, in gaming magazines, and then scrawled down on paper for our buddies in the playground. Before the Internet, the cheat code was a much-coveted thing, though with the onset of both the web and more sophisticated games development - in which accidental debug lines aren't so commonly left in a game's code - the novelty has somewhat worn off. Besides, cheating has become increasingly more marginalised thanks to our progressively online presence as players; I mean, when was the last time anyone bought a cheat disc? Nevertheless, these 10 cheat codes have endured through time, greatly enhancing the title they were designed for and certainly heightening our enjoyment. Whether making a strenously difficult game easier and more tolerable, adding an unexpected surreal element or being outright silly, these 10 cheat codes are without question some of the best ever programmed...

10. Big Daddy - Age of Empires

Age of EmpiresHow It's Activated: Press Enter during a game and type the code BIGDADDY. Press Enter to confirm. What It Does: This cheat spawns a Winsett's Z (modelled after a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28), a ridiculously fast sports car with a man in it who holds a rocket launcher. The car is capable of dealing catastrophic levels of damage, both in terms of attack points and the sheer range of the attack. Not only does it fire exceedingly quickly, but it can destroy a house in one shot, and even more awesomely, is easily the fastest unit in the entire game. If you're fed up of begin stuck in the past and fancy something a little more modern, you can't beat this cheat to spice things up.

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