10 Greatest Video Game Collectables You Must Find

Not all who scour these digital worlds are lost, they are just trying to find that last collectible.

Alan Wake Collectables
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When someone picks up a video game, whether indie or triple-A, they can expect at least a good few hours of entertainment. Some from the story, a big amount from the gameplay and side quests, and a massive amount from searching for every single in-game collectable scattered throughout the game's many worlds.

Collectables have been a staple of the video game since as early as Pac-Man, and have evolved with the genre. Even the most linear of video games can have interesting collectables to find, which sometimes can be even more fun than playing the actual game. Collectables can also be more than just a shiny thing to pick up. They can be vital to a game's plot, help flesh out their worlds, characters and so on.

No matter the age of a gamer, there will always be a small part in one's mind that says they have to go searching for these shining pieces of digital treasure. With every collectable found, people find more enjoyment or at least waste a few more hours searching high and low for that next object to pick up in video games, hopefully making one feel like their hard-earned money was spent wisely.

10. Manuscript Pages - Alan Wake

Alan Wake Collectables

Alan Wake is a cult classic game about a disgruntled horror novelist who tries to enjoy a well-earned vacation with his wife Alice in the seemingly peaceful town of Bright Falls. But all goes wrong rather quickly.

Somehow during his blackouts, Alan found the time to actually sit down with an old typewriter and create a new novel, called Departure. The pages of this mysterious mystery novel are one of the collectables players can find hidden in the game.

These pages seem to be scattered out of order from the original manuscript, as some will predict future events in the game, some will just say what is currently happening, and some will discuss things that have already happened in Alan Wake's past.

To get all 106 pages scattered throughout the six-chapter game, players sadly need to play the game on Nightmare difficulty to get the last pages to appear. And while there isn't a real in-game reward for collecting every page, players can find out about things that will happen to them so they can better prepare for boss fights, or simply just enjoy the story crafted by Alan Wake's unconscious self.

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