10 Hard Video Game Decisions You Immediately Regretted

The Walking Dead game made you chop off Lee's arm for NOTHING.

The Walking Dead Lee Arm

Video games love presenting the player with choices. Whether moral or practical, lots of games present you with two or more options for what to do or where to go next - and usually choosing one locks off the others for whatever reason.

What's worse, though, is when a game presents you with a genuine head-scratcher of a choice, where you find yourself putting legitimate thought into what to do next, because both options have merit.

But you know what's even worse than that? Thinking long and hard about which option to pick, only for the game to go "Nope, sorry, that was incorrect".

Whether because you missed certain key bits of info that changed everything, or every option just sucked and you never had a chance to begin with, these video games presented you with a truly hard choice, only for you to realize you chose poorly immediately afterwards.

10. Choosing A Starter - Pokemon

The Walking Dead Lee Arm

Kicking off with the choice every gamer has made and then regretted - choosing a starter Pokémon.

Picking a starter can be a problem even when all three options are great, because you're always left wondering what could've been with the other two. But what adds to this are two things. Firstly, depending on which game you're playing and which starter you choose, you may find yourself at a disadvantage with the first couple of Gyms, depending on what the first couple of gym types are.

Secondly, even if you pick the best starter Pokémon to have the smoothest experience possible in the first several hours, it is tradition at this point that your rival will gravitate toward whatever your pokemon is weak against, giving the player a hands-on lesson in the Type system.

This shove-into-the-deep-end approach has been a series tradition since the beginning, making sure the player knows off the bat that it doesn't matter what type of Pokémon they have - there is a Pokemon out there that can beat it.

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