10 Hardest Mario Levels Of All Time

9. Pachinko Machine - Super Mario Sunshine

Mario Toad Head Thumb

The premise for the pachinko mini-course in Super Mario Sunshine is pretty straightforward. After using the launcher to fire to the top of the pinball-themed machine, you need to use your FLUDD water pack to land in the slots below, which contains red coins. After collecting every red coin, a Shine will appear. If you drop to the bottom of the pachinko machine, you will fall through an opening and die.

Despite the fact the 3D Mario games have been praised for their revolutionary camera controls, this mechanic in this stage is all over the place. When you nab a red coin, the camera flips so the player can see Mario when he appears on the other side.

However, this camera-shift occurs sporadically, meaning you literally can't see what's happening half of the time. Since your view can be obscured at crucial moments, you have to blindly glide and jump throughout this course, hoping you will land in the right place. It's perfectly fine for a Mario game to have a few difficult levels but the pachinko machine seems unfairly tricky due to this camera glitch.

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