10 Hardest Video Game Bosses That Require INCREDIBLE Skill

Sekiro might be the hardest game of all time.


Difficulty in video games is ultimately, bullsh*t. Currently the centre of an ongoing "difficulty vs accessibility" conversation encapsulating various comments on artistic direction and how everyone should have the ability to fail equally, it's worth remembering that challenge in video games was truly established in the arcades.

How else was a game going to get you to throw another coin in the machine, if you could see everything on your first attempt?

Even when games made the leap to home consoles, data restrictions on the likes of Zelda, Mario etc. made for supremely short experiences once you knew what you were doing, so trial and error mentalities were introduced as a way to make sure customers were "getting their money's worth". Nintendo even monetised the grind by offering a costly telephone hotline, where "pros" would dole out tips and tricks for the game they'd artificially made near-impossible in the first place.

Still, all of this has resulted in a sense of pride; of being able to surmount the harshest tests of your reflexes and cerebral functions, just for that all-important victory screen or credits roll.

Overcoming the following does genuinely take patience and mental fortitude, but hot damn if it isn't an infuriating path to walk.


SPOILERS for Sekiro's final fight within.

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