10 Hated Video Game Builds (That Are Secretly Really Good)

Don't hate them until you get to know them!

baldur's gate 3 cleric
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Creating the perfect build for your video game character is a matter of personal preference, but sometimes your own opinion can be wrong.

Game communities can be very passionate about optimization, and when it comes to trying out different builds, certain ideas will be largely disliked, if not downright hated.

But what if the fans' judgment is wrong? What if, despite the widespread hatred of certain builds, they are secretly amazing?

Well, it turns out not every infamous build deserves the hate. Some of them do, in fact, have hidden potential that you will get to experience if you decide to go against the popular vote and give them a shot.

From unappreciated underdogs to functional meme builds and even exploits that turn the bad into the best, your personal opinion about these notorious builds is guaranteed to change once you discover them. You just need a small change of perspective to see what everyone else is missing out on.

They may get a bad wrap, but taking the time to get to know them better really pays off.

10. Harpies - Total War: Warhammer III

baldur's gate 3 cleric

Despite the idea of flying infantry units sounding pretty amazing, in the case of Total Wars: Warhammer III, they leave a lot to be desired.

The flying units have a reputation for being extremely weak, finicky, and quick to break under the slightest bit of pressure. Of all the flying units, harpies are probably the most despised by Warhammer's community, and yet there is one faction that can turn these freakish ladybirds into a genuinely powerful army.

The Dark Elves' Thousand Maws, ruled by the legendary Beastlord Rakarth, features several unlockable bonuses for beast and monster units, including harpies.

All these buffs, combined with the right lord perks, can boost the harpies' attack, defenses, and speed so that they will be able to take on any early-game army with ease.

Best of all, one of Rakarth's faction's perks even removes all upkeep costs for harpies, so you can just spam full harpy armies free of charge! This makes them an objectively good pick for an early-game army, as you will want to expand your economy and not worry about military spending.

Not to mention, harpies also make for a beautiful spectacle whenever they descend from the sky to tear your enemies into minced meat.


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