10 Hated Video Games That Are AWESOME Now

9. Star Fox Adventures

metal gear solid 2 raiden

Starwing, or Star Fox if you're not a European, is a revolutionary game for its time. The official sequel, Lylat Wars, on the N64 four years later, carried that wonderful "on rails shooter" gameplay with updated visuals, gameplay and overall charm.

So with the GameCube raising the graphical standard of its predecessor, surely the next adventure of the Star Fox team would be a stunning continuation, naturally?

Umm... yeah, if by "continuation" you mean "ditch what made Starwing great and made it a Zelda-esque action adventure game instead". The change came about when Rare took over, almagamating a previously worked on title, Dinosaur Planet, into the mix. Familiar shooting segments were sidelined for Fox's on-foot adventure, which fans weren't overly keen on.

Looking back on it now though, it's actually a really fun game. It's got that Beyond Good and Evil/aforementioned Zelda charm to it, wrapped up in some solid gameplay mechanics.

Sure, it was a massive deviation from the series lineage, given that Rare took the reins, and to some, it's only Star Fox in name, but cast those aspersions aside and you've got a neat little GameCube adventure to tuck into.


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