10 Hated Video Games That Are AWESOME Now

Set aside your hate and play something great.

metal gear solid 2 raiden

There's something synonymous with games that have survived terrible launches and people now revering them. Alright, "revere" might be a bit strong, but it's a testament to the staying power of a game or franchise if it can turn some frowns upside down.

Not every game suffers the same juxtaposition though. Some are just absolutely detested right from the get go, be it down to misleading trailers, or just the crowd-following mentality that it won't hold up to a previous game. Worst still: when they pull a switcheroo on who you actually play as for the most part.

There are at times completely unjust reasons to hate a game, usually before it's even been played. Or as is the case with a few on the list, the whole "coming down the line" content drop into very minimal launch titles. Which, as you can imagine, is annoying if you've paid full price for something you'll get in installments.

But there is a happy ending to this, at least for the games on this list. These games have borne the worst of it, only to eventually come out smelling of roses.

These may not be your particularly loved games, but you have to begrudgingly admit they've earned their top spots over time.

10. Rainbow Six: Siege

metal gear solid 2 raiden

Tom Clancy games, as an overall series, usually had a story to tell. Whether part of the same immediate universe, or throwing references across franchises, there was always some overall goal or plot.

So when it was announced that Siege would be dropping a campaign entirely, it wasn't well received. Considering there was originally a story to continue from the R:6 Vegas games in the works, that it got scrapped didn't sit well.

That, and Ubisoft's insidious practice of season passes and microtransactions stinking up the joint, it wasn't off to a great start.

Now four years on from launch, Siege has hit a staggering fifty million players across all platforms. There are pro eSports leagues, a whole wealth of content to get into, as well as new events cropping up from time to time.

Add in an ever-expanding roster of operators to get to grips with, and you've got a game that can hold its own against the CODs and Battlefields of this world.

A rocky start, but to have such a dedicated fanbase this far on is nothing to be sniffed at.


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