10 Hated Video Games That Got REALLY Good

9. Street Fighter V (2016)

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Rushed out in February 2016 to have it available for the game's professional circuit, Street Fighter V had a ridiculously small character list (especially compared to what most fans were used to), numerous modes missing and a slew of technical issues and broken online servers.

But, the response from Capcom after releasing an obviously unfinished game has been about as fast as anyone could have hoped for. Online multiplayer was fixed, the cinematic 'A Shadow Falls' was released as a story mode, new characters were shown and Capcom even found the time to throw in Arcade Mode for fans to enjoy.

The 2020 release of the Champion Edition also brought with it a number of changes that helped the game at both Esport and casual level. Every character was given a second V-Skill via a free upgrade, and the positive response to the fifth season encouraged Capcom enough to deliver a sixth season which included six new characters and three new stages in February 2021.

In fact, reception to Street Fighter V ha improved with fans so significantly that the game has gone on to become the highest-selling title, shipping 6.60 million units to date.


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