10 Hidden Video Game Details You Can Only Find Once A Year

Hideo Kojima will ALWAYS remember your birthday.

Metal gear solid 5 birthday

Everyone loves a good easter egg.

Ever since the earliest days of gaming, developers have added little references and hidden details in games for a wide range of reasons. Maybe they want to add a personal reference as a small tribute to the hard work required to bring a game to completion, or maybe they just want to include something wacky, leaving players second-guessing what they've just seen.

Some of these gaming mysteries have gone undetected for years at a time, leaving superfans combing through every line of code to try and see if there's anything that they missed out on.

Ever since consoles have included in-built clocks, developers have devised ways to add little extra details into their games for fans to enjoy should they decide to play on a specific day.

These details are a great way to make players feel immersed in the game they're playing and add a tangible connection between the universe on-screen, and the outside world.

In order to find some of these details, players have to be ready to play their favourite games all-year-round, though that's probably not too difficult with some of these classic titles.

10. Realistic Weather At Christmas - GTA Online Includes

Metal gear solid 5 birthday

Though GTA: Online may have started to get a little stale with fans wondering how long it will be before Rockstar will announce the long-awaited followup to the critically acclaimed GTA 5, it's still hard to deny just how fun the game can be under the right circumstances.

I mean sure, the player is heavily pushed towards buying the in-game currency for easy progress and any careless venture leaves you liable to be immediately destroyed by a griefer using an Oppressor or a Ruiner 2000 to rain down rockets like hellfire from the sky, but GTA: Online is still a unique experience with a lot to offer.

Given that they are celebrated for both their mocking and referencing to pop culture, it's no surprise that Rockstar has included some special details and hidden easter eggs in the online edition of one of the highest-grossing media products of all time.

Regular players of the game will have noticed that during the Festive Surprise updates released around the holiday season that snow is added to parts of the GTA: Online map.


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