10 Hilarious Horror Video Game Deaths

What's funnier than a clown chainsawing himself to death?

video game deaths

The primary intent of horror is, of course, to scare the crap out of you and leave you rocking back and forth in the corner saying your prayers and calling for your mama.

But not all horror is created equal, and sometimes artists like to bring a hefty dose of gallows humour to the table alongside the carnage, particularly where death is concerned. It's one of life's few inevitabilities, so why not have some fun with it, right?

While most horror games are indeed focused on immersion more than anything else, some of them also aren't above serving up the occasional death scene that's as outrageously funny as it is totally revolting.

Whether they knew exactly what they were doing or did it kinda-sorta by accident, these 10 video games all delivered death scenes which left players cackling with glee, from gory slapstick deaths to demises so outrageously over-the-top as to rouse nothing but chuckles.

Occasionally they were the result of janky programming, but the ultimate outcome was the same: players finding unexpected humour in a situation which would otherwise be completely and utterly terrifying...

10. The Meat Grinder - Resident Evil 6

video game deaths

The Resident Evil franchise boasts its fair share of deaths both hideously over-the-top and totally hilarious, but few can match the nutty insanity of Resident Evil 6's meat grinder.

In chapter 4 of Leon's campaign, players who fail the QTE in the meat market against the grotesque B.O.W. known as the Rasklapanje will find themselves shoved head-first into a nearby meat grinder.

If watching your protagonist's body get turned into a fine mince doesn't sound too funny, consider that not only does the Rasklapanje dive headlong into the grinder along with you, but your partner - either Helena or Leon himself - simply looks on in the background without even trying to lift a finger to help.

As much as Resident Evil 6 may be an excessive and often tiresome departure from the series' survival horror roots, every so often it delivers thigh-slapping gold like this.

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