10 Honest Truths Xbox One Owners Realise After Buying A PS4

Games with Gold trounces PS Plus, easily.

Xbox ps4 vs

Thanks to both Sony and Microsoft being the two main horses in this ongoing console race - and the past decade - you're either a PlayStation fan, or an Xbox fan. Of course, there are those who play both sides, but most, if not all, have a preference.

While there certainly is that divide, it's not nearly as hostile as it was in the past. It could be the community growing older, or maybe the times have actually changed and the console war just isn't as hot as it once was. The majority of games see releases on both systems, and AAA exclusives are becoming less prominent as time goes on.

On top of that, the price gap is no longer there, and both major consoles have very similar specs under the hood. That hot-blooded Sony and Microsoft fan-boy hate has mostly simmered down, and it all boils down to one thing - preference.

For some, they've been firmly planted in Microsoft's corner since day one, and have never given Sony a chance. But when, and if, you decide to open your doors to Sony, it will also open your eyes to a lot in the world of gaming.

You'll find some things you actually prefer with the blue brand, and others you simply cannot stand. One thing's for sure however, it'll never take the place of your beloved Xbox.


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