10 Horrifying Video Game Truths You Never Noticed

You won't be able to un-see these horrific video game truths.

Batman Arkham

One of the greatest things about video games is the sheer amount of detail a meticulous developer can cram into their game, whether expanding the wider lore, fleshing out the supporting characters, or just flat-out including details intended to make players feel like absolute garbage.

These 10 video games, largely fantastic in their own rights, all dared to include secret truths which, if discovered, would undeniably change how you felt about each game.

Whether guilting the player for their actions throughout, introducing some low-key horrific world-building which changed everything, or simply offering up some deeply devastating subplots, these games all delivered unsettling home truths most players would probably rather be blissfully ignorant about.

Though these reveals went easily missed by the vast majority of players, they nevertheless recontextualise each game - their story, their characters, and their gameplay - in ways likely to make you feel at least a little bad.

Of course the players themselves aren't always to blame, but at the same time these disturbing revelations should give them pause to consider the consequences of their actions...

10. Malus Had To Watch You Kill All The Other Colossi - Shadow Of The Colossus

Batman Arkham
Bluepoint Games

Shadow of the Colossus ends with the devastating reveal that you've killed sixteen innocent Colossi minding their own business, in turn accidentally releasing the malevolent supernatural entity Dormin.

But the game accidentally twists the knife further as players battle the game's final Colossus, Malus, a gigantic, skyscraper-sized humanoid.

The boss is hidden away in a secret area of the Forbidden Land which can't be accessed until the prior 15 Colossi have been beaten - a valley which looks out over the land where you've spent your time throughout the game.

But while atop Malus, observant players might notice that all 15 of the pillars of light - which mark the area where you've killed a Colossus - are visible in the sky, suggesting that poor Malus had to watch as each of his 15 "siblings" were felled by you.

As if this game wasn't heartbreaking enough already...


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