10 Horror Plot Twists That BROKE You

No one saw these twists coming.

Until Dawn Twist
Sony Interactive Entertainment

There's nothing quite like enjoying a video game and thinking you know what's up before getting smacked across the face by a shocking revelation you never saw coming. 

Yes, a good plot twist can leave you with your mouth agape, your heart pounding, and your mind blown. That's why you find so many of them across entertainment. Still, if there's one genre that knows how to do plot twists effectively, it has to be horror, which has been a staple genre of the gaming medium for several decades.

The spooky side of storytelling thrives on taking its consumers for a ride, wowing them with unexpected moments, shocks, and, of course, twists. It's designed to make you afraid, so showing you that anything can happen is a clever way of keeping you on edge. As such, you'd better believe that horror gaming has a boatload of plot twists that will leave you broken.  

The following 10 games are fine examples of this, as they boast some of the best plot twists in gaming. These moments left gamers clutching at their controllers in disbelief, thinking, "I never saw that coming." 


This list will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for all games discussed, so be warned. 

10. Mono's Fate - Little Nightmares II

Until Dawn Twist
Bandai Namco

You'd think a game with no spoken dialogue would have a threadbare story, but the Little Nightmares franchise has proven twice now that it never skimps on the narrative - especially in the second installment. 

Throughout this prequel game, you play as Mono, a young kid who stumbles across Six (the original game's protagonist) and ventures with her through the twisted Pale City. As this happens, an elusive villain known as the Thin Man stalks them. 

The mortal peril they're in is constant, but at least they have each other, right?  

Well, sadly, the final twist proves why you should never trust in the power of friendship, as Six shockingly betrays Mono in an act of self-preservation, letting him drop into a dark abyss to save her skin. 

As if that wasn't enough of a twist, the game doubles down as Mono's isolation and resentment, combined with the Signal Tower's power, corrupt him and convert him into The Thin Man. That's right, the beloved Mono is cursed to become the very monster hunting them. Poor kid. 

It's not a great look for Six, but it's a dog-eat-dog world. 

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