10 Horror Video Game Fates Worse Than Death

From Outlast's patients to Resident Evil 7's family, these characters would be better off dead.

Outlast game
Red Barrels

There are some truly horrible deaths out there in video games. Gory, painful ends are given to our beloved characters as their heads are ripped from their bodies or they're drowned in their own blood.

Maybe their limbs are chopped off one by one until their head is finally removed, or they're eaten alive by spore-spitting zombies.

You know, standard horror stuff.

Sometimes, however, it is possible that a quick (if horrible) demise would have been a kinder option. After all, wouldn't you rather have everything fade to black and be at peace, instead of being stuck in some kind of eternal torture?

At least that way you know the end is nigh and the pain will be no more.

When a kind death isn't an option, these ten games offer up a range of fates that make the reaper himself shudder. Whether you're doomed to eternity running around an endless loop or having your body mutilated and mangled until it is completely unrecognisable, there's nothing that makes the sweet release of death look kinder than being trapped in a terrible sentience.

10. Amnesia Rebirth - Becoming A Human Energy Drink

Outlast game
Frictional Games

Whilst these particular humans look dead and more like rotted corpses than sentient beings, the ghouls in Amnesia Rebirth are very much alive and definitely out for blood.

After being lured by The Empress into her dimension to drink her supposedly healing water, unfortunate people begin their transformation into ‘Harvesters’: ghouls unwillingly acting on behalf of The Empress to obtain vitae, a substance which she needs significant quantities of to sustain herself.

They are rotted, zombie-like figures who hunt and torture regular humans in order to obtain the vitae. Protagonist Tasi sees pretty much all her mates either be killed by or become these monsters, and they are consistently her main enemy throughout most of the story.

This fate sucks because you have to suffer through a confusing and seemingly unstoppable transformation and then spend the rest of your existence as a sub-human predator, serving the very villain who is to blame for making you this way in the first place.

Devoid of humanity, you could kill friends or family and remorselessly torture them. Even before you’ve been fully transformed, the fear and the ongoing process of change can cause you to do things you never thought you would.

Beginning your loss of humanity long before you’re far gone enough to not feel bad about it.

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