10 Horror Video Game Moments That Will Scar You For Life

Experiencing these just once is enough.

Fatal Frame

Being immersed in the latest release is - quite literally - all fun and games for the most part. The power that video games wield to make you feel like you're REALLY in a world of a developers creation is a special kind of magic, and one that all too often gets forgotten when we're playing.

Only, that magic soon turns into cursed witchcraft when the horror genre gets involved. That wholesome immersion we all love is taken and twisted into a terrifying, inescapable nightmare that only YOU can get out of - and game creators don't go easy once they've ensnared a player in their trap.

Horror video games put players through the bloody wringer at the best of times, but special mention has to go to the scenarios that are scary enough to stick with you long after the credits have rolled. From encountering sentient store mannequins to performing your own eye surgery, there's plenty of horrific moments that you can never unsee. Pun absolutely intended.

10. SCP-096 - SCP: Containment Breach

Fatal Frame
Undertow Games

Secure. Contain. Protect. Those are the tenets of the SCP Foundation, so when that all goes wrong in Containment Breach, you can sure some horrible monstrosities are roaming loose that you definitely weren't ever meant to encounter. They're not secured, they're not contained, and you're certainly not protected: tasked with making it out of the facility in one piece as they wreak havoc during a security malfunction.

Whilst facing off against the incredibly weird SCP-173 in the opening section is certainly up there, it's SCP-096 (or rather the 'Shy Guy') that takes the crown on this one. Designed to look like every J-horror monster you've seen in your life, this pale, long-limbed, screeching freak will chase after you relentlessly if you catch a glimpse of its face.

The jump scare that comes from thinking you've passed it freely - only to be hunted down when you least expect it - is definitely enough on this one, but considering the endless, terrifying pursuit of a monster that will tear you apart should you witness any small fraction of it, even unknowingly, and this beast is made lastingly creepy.

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