10 Horror Video Games BANNED For Being Too Scary

When games are too terrifying for the government.

Spike Chunsoft

The nature of video games as an interactive medium ensures they're under a far greater degree of scrutiny than, say, movies, sometimes resulting in them being deemed so objectionable by certain governments that they can't actually be authorised for sale.

By far the most common reason for a game to be denied a classification is for "disturbing" content - be it, sexual, violent, or otherwise.

As a result, countless intentionally unsettling and downright terrifying horror games have had their releases blocked by do-gooding ratings boards for fear it might all be "too much" for players.

Of course, the global society we now live in makes it easier than ever for savvy gamers to import banned titles - or, for PC gamers, simply change their region settings - but for anyone hoping they could actually walk into a store and legally, officially purchase these games, they were out of luck in certain countries.

Whether well-intended yet misguided, shamelessly nefarious, or simply completely baffling, these 10 horror video games were all banned because, for one reason or another, they gave the bigwigs the creeps...

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