10 Horror Video Games That Brutally Punish You

House of Velez takes no prisoners.

House Of Velez
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You could argue there's never been a better time to be a fan of horror video games, with that section of the medium currently experience a level of quality never seen before.

Horror is big business, period, and horror hounds are getting terrifying, twisted game after terrifying, twisted game. The best thing is, so many of these releases feature great premises that deliver the chaos and carnage we all love.

Of course, death in these horror games is commonplace, and a key component of such offerings is quite simply doing your utmost to make sure your character stays alive; something which is clearly easier said that done.

For some horror titles though, they don't necessarily just get their kicks from having you die, regenerate, lather, rinse, repeat. No, for some of these releases it's more about punishing you for bad decisions, slack play or outright merely for the sh*ts 'n' giggles of the game itself and the team behind it.

With that in mind, then, here are horror games that love to punish players in some truly brutal ways.

10. Resident Evil

House Of Velez

Rebecca Chambers has a unique place in the hearts of Resident Evil fans. While her role in the first Resi game back in 1996 was extremely small, many were instantly won over by this S.T.A.R.S. rookie.

Of course, Rebecca would get to fully take centre-stage in the Resident Evil Zero prequel GameCube offering in 2002, but her role in the original RE was a wake-up for players in regards to what the stakes of Resident Evil were.

When playing as Chris Redfield, you got to cross paths with Rebecca and would later be given a task that was unknowingly time sensitive. After hearing the distant screams of this youngster, as Chris you're meant to try and find Rebecca and rescue her from whatever sinister threat is traumatising her.

That threat would be an Alpha Hunter, and players (and Rebecca!) would be punished should Chris decide to take his sweet time in responding to these screams.

Take too long to come to Rebecca's aid and you'll see her bite the bullet; in the original having her head swiped off, or in the RE Remake having her throat slit.

Either way, if you pull your finger out of your ass and get to Rebecca in timely fashion then you'll save her from being killed off - even if just temporarily.


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