10 Horror Video Games With Shocking Twist Endings

Yeah, you NEED to play The Sinking City.

Sinking city

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of thinking you have it all figured out, only to get to the end of a game and have that confidence snatched away and rubbed mercilessly in your face.

You thought you knew things? You fool!

It’s not essential to having a good experience of a game, to have a big twist at the end. Sometimes it can be just as satisfying to work things out and reach a resolution - or maybe even a cliffhanger. It is a bit of a treat, however, to be met with something so shocking and unexpected that you are sent flying back in your chair, reeling with the revelation.

Now, not all twists are created equal, some do nothing but confuse the story of a game and can leave you disappointed and frustrated. We have selected these ten as the cream of the crop, though- no disappointment here.

From classic villain reveals to mind-blowing, game-changing (literally) plot-twists, these games offer you a great selection of endings.


Note: Spoilers within!

10. Dead Space - Nicole Is Dead And Kendra Is A Traitor

Sinking city
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We’re going to start with a big one to get it out of the way. For those unfamiliar with the game, Dead Space follows the crew of the maintenance ship Kellion as they arrive on Aegis VII, a planet ravaged by a virus that reanimates corpses into zombie-like monsters called Necromorphs.

Protagonist Isaac wants to find out what has become of his girlfriend Nicole, as she was stationed there on another ship. Aegis VII is revealed to be the home of an alien Marker, the attempted weaponising of which was the cause of the Necromoph virus.

The main issue is choosing what to do with this Marker: it was previously bought about Nicole’s ship and indirectly caused the deaths of everyone aboard. Isaac intends to leave the marker on Aegis VII, but Kendra initiates the first of our big revelations: she is not just a simple computer technician, but works on behalf of the Earth Government, who demand that the Marker be brought to Earth.

With Nicole’s help, Isaac is able to thwart Kendra’s attempts to nick the Marker- only to have her drop another truth bomb. She reveals that Nicole has been dead all along: the Nicole that Isaac has been seeing, interacting with and at times even protecting from Necromorphs has been nothing more than a hallucination.

If you’re very observant then you may have been able to see this coming based on a few clues throughout the game, my favourite of which is that if you take the first letter from each of the chapter names, it literally spells out ‘NICOLE IS DEAD.’

Cheeky, that is.


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