10 Hotly-Anticipated Video Games That Must Be At E3 2017

Are you ready for the return of Assassin's Creed?

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Naughty Dog/CDPR/Ubisoft

As an event, E3 seems to be on quite shaky ground, as many top-tier publishers are either pulling out or changing up the days their respective conferences will be on - or in Nintendo's case, resorting yet again to just putting together a live stream. Indeed, the days of the Electronic Entertainment Expo being video games' version of the Superbowl might be numbered.

That said, there's something about 'E3 season' (of which this article is getting out ahead of) that's always palpably exciting. The shock-reveals, the snide competitive jibes from one company to another, the fact every major player in the industry gets to stack the deck and lay it all out for the eyes of the world to divulge - E3 is pretty much the only major press event a mainstream consumer ever actively gets involved with.

For E3 2017 though, the show will be coming after one of the strongest opening quarters in gaming history. We've had everything from Resident Evil 7 restoring faith in itself as a franchise to Horizon Zero Dawn being Sony's most exciting exclusive in years, to Japanese-developed powerhouses like Nioh and NieR: Automata restoring gaming's age-old 'east meets west' ideologies.

Where do we go from here? Well, hopefully, to a mix of rumoured titles finally seeing the light of day, alongside extended gameplay for those we've only heard a tiny bit about...

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