10 HUGE Video Game Cliffhangers That Meant NOTHING

9. Zero Dies - Mega Man X5

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At the end of Mega Man X5, X and Zero hunt down the leader of the Maverick robots, Sigma.

Although Sigma has been defeated four times before, this fight concludes a little differently since Zero is blown to pieces. As X picks up his fallen ally, Sigma blasts them both through the core. Just before he dies, Zero fires off one last shot at Sigma, destroying the Maverick leader.

But in Mega Man X6, X discovers Zero is somehow alive. How could this be? Did a mysterious benefactor rebuild him? Is it a trick? Is it a trap? So, when X finally encounters his oldest friend, Zero tells him the truth. He survived by... fixing himself.

Now, this isn't the first time Zero has been terminated. (He sacrificed himself in the first Mega Man X game.) But in Mega Man X2, the player had to scour every level to find Zero's body parts to put him back together.

But this time around, he just fixes himself offscreen despite the fact you DEFINATELY saw him die. Because X5 concluded with Zero dying, it made it feel like he was gone for good, making his resurrection cheapen this potentially touching moment.


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