10 Humongous Video Games You'll Completely Lose Yourself In

You don't 'finish' Dragon Age, you just get a little further each time...


Video games in 2017 are ridiculous, and I mean ridiculous.

Gone are the wide-eyed, casual days of the 90s when children would huddle around their Sega Mega Drive, boot up Sonic and spin-dash their way through a handful of zones before battling the final boss. Start to finish we could get a few hours out of a game – double that if we played it twice.

Nowadays, video games are growing exponentially. Worlds are so lush and full of life that you can spend hours just spanning the landscape before you even figure out what the plot is supposed to be.

Simulators and turn-based strategies have added more features every year to the point that reality fades into an ill-favoured alternative that we decidedly shun. And the advent of massive multiplayer online games has seen us not just take Player 2 along for the ride with us, but Players 3 – 200 as well.

Be you an adventurer, assassin, or world leader, if you're looking for your next game to give your life to, here are 10 humongous ones you'll completely lose yourself in.

Without further ado, lets start with the daddy of them all...


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