10 Iconic Video Game Mascots (That Actually Suck)

5. Spyro

Developed by the same people who made Ratchet and Clank, Spyro is a small purple dragon that spends most of his time beating up various anthropomorphic animals (both mythical and real). 'A dragon you say? Why, how can a dragon be a sucky mascot? Dragons are great!' Yes indeed, dragons are generally pretty great, yet Spyro is very much the exception. Here's why: Spyro is a whiny d**che. Presumably made to attract children, this young dragon had an obnoxious voice even back on PS1, adopting the sort of attitude middle-age cartoon designers mistaking think kids will find 'cool'. Few people finish any Spyro game liking the character, yet Sony still used him alongside favourites like Crash to shift console units. Looking at him goes a great way towards understanding why it is often silent mascots that prove the most popular, as they don't have terrible dialogue or a stupid tone of voice to damage their appeal.
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