10 Ill-Fated Choices That Wrecked Video Games Instantly

Just one bad decision can destroy a gaming company - but which ones did the most damage?


We love to pile on a gaming corporation or two when they make a massive blunder these days, but what happens when a company makes a choice so horrendous, it devastates their reputation and releases for years to come?

The gaming industry has been known to make some utterly baffling decisions over the years, including many that have lingered on decades after they were made. From the disaster of Atari's abysmal E.T in 1983 that practically killed the entire market to the modern onset of crunch in the biggest developers, it seems one of our favourite hobbies is never too far from controversy. It could be a console, game or an entire company going down in flames due to the actions of a few individuals that live in infamy.

Some decisions ruined entire games based on a number of major changes, others utterly killed the momentum of a company that had previously been doing so well. Getting into the list from the 1990s to the present, let's take a look back at some of the biggest - and most costly - mistakes made in gaming history.


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