10 Images That Will Restore Your Faith In Upcoming Video Games

Have faith in Square Enix.

Square Enix

First impressions mean in a lot in the entertainment industry, and arguably no more than in video games: if a first glimpse at a title leaves a player unimpressed, it'll take a lot to convince them to spend their hard-earned cash.

Sometimes, though, developers can turn things around and prove why their latest wares are worth your while, and though the jury remains out on whether these games will actually succeed, they've done enough good recently to suggest that they just might.

Sure, you'll probably still want to wait on reviews for at least a few of these games, but the tenor has now swung from cautious to optimistically hopeful, and these visual representations of each game exemplify everything gamers will want to see out of the end product.

Here are 10 images that will restore your faith in upcoming video games...


10. Batman: The Telltale Series


Why We're Worried: Telltale have undeniably made some terrific episode games over the last few years, but doesn't it feel like the law of diminshing returns is kicking in?

Game of Thrones and Minecraft suffered from a lack of due care, and couldn't the inherent storytelling restrictions of a property as beloved as Batman result in a stilted end product? Plus, comic book fans are notoriously picky.

Why This Image Rocks: For starters, it's clear that Telltale have finally given their rusty old engine an upgrade, ensuring that Batman is going to pop aesthetically compared to the borderline-embarrassing visual fidelity of the Game of Thrones episodes.

Plus, while it says little of the story beyond the presence of Catwoman, it at least proves that the Caped Crusader meshes exceedingly well with Telltale's signature art style. Expect big things from this one if it leans deep into Batman's detective skills and away from Telltale's more familiar storytelling conventions.


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