10 Important Video Game Plot Points Answered In DLC

Pay to... understand??

BioShock Infinite DLC Burial At Sea
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Downloadable content (or DLC for short) is a way for developers to give us more of our favourite games after launch.

By adding more things for us to do, DLC allows developers to extend the lives of their games for years while giving us a reason to pick up our controllers and jump back in again.

The best DLCs are those which expand on the base game in meaningful ways by adding new story arcs, areas to explore, and gameplay additions which offer new and interesting ways to play. Look no further than The Witcher 3's Blood And Wine expansion to see what DLC is capable of accomplishing.

More importantly, DLC shouldn't be a requirement to understanding the main plot of a game we've already paid for. That would be like buying a book with missing pages just to be charged an additional price to get those pages back.

Unfortunately, some pieces of downloadable content have done just that and snuck important plot points behind a pay wall. If we wanted to fully understand the story that we've spent multiple hours becoming invested in, we'd need to invest in an expansion to find out what happened.

10. Lucas's Fate - Resident Evil 7 (Not A Hero)

BioShock Infinite DLC Burial At Sea

When Ethan Winters’ search for his wife led him to the Baker family's dilapidated home in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the unfolding nightmare saw him face-off against each of the family. However, while Jack and Margaritte were both defeated by the time the credits rolled, the fate of their son was unknown.

After Ethan escaped from Lucas's death-trap in the main game, the remaining Baker escaped and fled into the mines. An inaccessible door was our only clue to where he was hiding, and we’d need to wait until the release of Not A Hero to get a sense of closure on this unanswered plot thread. Thankfully, this expansion was completely free. Though a delayed launch kept fans waiting longer than expected.

Picking up moments after the main game ended, the expansion followed Chris Redfield on his mission to apprehend Lucas. While short and sweet, Not A Hero unveiled crucial information about Lucas. Notably, he was working for (and planning to betray) an organisation known as The Connections, who helped him avoid falling under Evelyn's mind control in exchange for information about his family.

Likewise, Not A Hero provided finality surrounding Lucas's fate in the form of a shotgun to the face.


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