10 IMPOSSIBLE Platinum Trophies Nobody Unlocked

These are some of the most difficult Platinum Trophies to acquire in recent gaming memory.

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Many of us think that sometimes it would be nice to suspend a game’s Trophy/Achievement support. These are the players who can’t bear to leave things unfinished, a task uncompleted. However absurdly difficult it may be.

Lots of titles have relatively tame Trophy lists. Those where the majority are unlocked simply through the course of gameplay. There might be an additional run needed on a higher difficulty or something of that nature, but otherwise, you’re largely set.

Other titles are much more devious than that. They have some relatively simple Trophies, some that are challenging but satisfying to accomplish, and then those that require a significant amount of grinding. Again, though, the dedicated will pull through.

Platinum trophies, needless to say, are the most coveted of all. A badge of honour, they’re unlocked only by achieving every other Trophy in a game. Some of them are far, far more difficult to unlock than others. These particular titles boast the most nefariously elusive Platinum Trophies ever, recorded using the statistics provided by PSNProfiles.com.

10. NecroMaster!!: Crypt Of The NecroDancer

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Brace Yourself Games

This nefarious title has been bamboozling Trophy hunters for years now. It was released back in 2015, and despite approaching a decade of existence, very few players have truly mastered it as evidenced by the fact that just 0.06% have earned the coveted NecroMaster!! Trophy.

What are the requirements to Platinum this groovy rhythm action title? Not only are there individual Trophies for completing All Zones Mode which each character, but Cadence must win Deathless Mode ten times in a row for the Undeadly Trophy. The Speed Demon Trophy requires Cadence to complete All Zones Mode by herself in just fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, the Amplified DLC offers its own crop of 13 Trophies, none of which currently have a completion rate higher than 9.97% (In The Zone (5)) among PSNProfiles users. A notoriously tricky title, with one of the hardest Platinum Trophies to obtain ever.

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